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Fine Musicians' creator and teacher, Nicolette Crawford, has been active in the music field for over 25 years. She holds a bachelor's degree in music therapy and has received specialized training in a variety of music education in the U.S. and Japan.

For 23 years Nicolette has been teaching her music methods in elementary schools throughout Southern California. During the past 25 years she has also been training teachers involved in various aspects of the music profession.

Comments from Administrators & Teachers

"The research is showing us that it's not enough to have an academic program that drills children and makes sure that they understand all of the academic parts of the curriculum. But by having a good quality music program interwoven into the school week they will do better in all of their other academic subjects and will have some joy along the way." --Kathy La Berge, Principal, San Diego County

"My expectation was for the kids to get introduced to music. To my surprise I found that it was a somewhat exhilarating experience for the kids. The joy that was in the classroom I have seen very few times in my 20 years in professional education. I had an educational expectation of them to simply repeat back the facts of the lesson. And, again to my surprise, I found that they assimilated almost everything that she had taught and gave it back in their own words. And it was a sheer delight for me and for my children." --Richard Levene, K/1 Teacher, Escondido, CA

"This is really how music education should be. It's very unusual to see children at those age levels do what they are doing. And they have fun and it's very natural." --Camila Arnold, Music Teacher/Singer, Germany

"The real value of the Fine Musician program is that it gives a musical opportunity to every child at a very economical cost. And it gives it every week for a whole year." --Kathy La Berge, Principal, San Diego County


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