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Full-Year Music Curriculum--Overview

Fine Musicians offers a dynamic, interactive music curriculum on video, especially designed for Kindergarten and 1st grade children. The classroom teacher needs no preparation or musical expertise, but rather participates each week right along with the children. There are 8 monthly units progressing sequentially for a full year's music program.

Each unit includes the following:

  1. a 30 minute video presenting activities in Solfeggio, note reading, cultural and historical studies and creative expression. Each video is designed to be repeated once each week throughout the month, enhancing increased awareness and supporting the benefits of repetition. 
  2. a binder containing language development and note reading materials, cultural and composer studies, illustrations and a teacher guide.
  3. a CD providing quick access to the songs and activities shown on the video.

A 10 minute Demonstration Video is available to give an overview of the Full-Year Music Curriculum. Alternately, you may view Quicktime sequences by clicking on the title of each curriculum area given below.

More About the Curriculum

Written and audio materials accompany the video so the classroom teacher can reinforce the musical concepts throughout the week. A CD provides easy access to songs and activities, while a binder filled with composer studies, music notes, instrument illustrations, and much more, assist the teacher at making music a part of each day. The Fine Musicians' curriculum, now available on video, is an exciting, sequential interactive music program being successfully used for more than 15 years.

The curriculum provides comprehensive instruction in these 4 areas:


The human ear is at its peak around the age of 5 years. Successful music education for children centers around learning 'by ear'. Solfeggio is the universal language of music taught to train the ear. The Fine Musicians  music curriculum teaches Solfeggio in a systematic, sequential way, resulting in the student understanding and appreciating music from all around the world.


Note Reading

Children can learn to read music just as they learn to read words. Note reading reinforces and supports language development. It is covered sequentially in the Fine Musicians video each week, with supplemental activities given for use throughout the week.

Cultural and Historical Studies

Music from around the world is as colorful and fun as it is varied. Throughout the Fine Musicians curriculum children learn and compare rhythms, songs and dances of countries different from their own. Children have fun using this interdisciplinary process to learn about music composers from all parts of the world, and about their countries and the times they lived in.


Creative Expression Through Movement

Music can be like a story to children. The trumpets bring alive the bravest animals of the forest while the flutes tell the story of shy birds or bunnies. The Fine Musicians music curriculum explores all the sounds of the orchestra while awakening the imagination of the child and encouraging their expression through creative movement.



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