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We, as Fine Musicians, are committed to the enhancement of children’s lives through music.  We believe that by tapping their innate curiosity and love of learning, children experience music in a way that is fun and exciting to them—they discover the language of music and their own ability to speak it.

We know that every child can be a musician, not just a selected few.  Fine Musicians’ approach to teaching is holistic, using a balanced curriculum that taps both sides of the brain, thus enhancing children’s learning ability in all interdisciplinary subjects.

To this end we have developed a complete and integrated full-year music curriculum that classroom teachers can use, with no preparation or music backgroundthus providing necessary support for the teacher while continuing to nurture the education of the student.  We believe that both teachers and students will experience the world of music in ways that are deeper and more harmonious with the young child's nature while integrating all of the necessary elements of a well-grounded, complete curriculum.

"My whole focus is on connecting with children and helping them experience the wonder of music.  I've entered a classroom of new students and in three minutes I've gained their full attention with these teaching tools developed and refined over the past 15 years." 

-- Nicolette Crawford creator of Fine Musician Curriculum






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